​​​​​"S/S POLLED CLASS" U1/2 (BBU CERT. # C1042860) meets all of the above criteria.

He is the SOLID RED ​U1/2 ​polled/scurred son of  "COLLIER FARMS 447/0", a bull that goes back to polled bulls: "POLLED HORIZON 229/8" and "HAMILTON P 11/9".

His dam is "SCHNEIDER & SONS 918", a polled cow that goes back  to  polled bulls: "VISTA MR 6129-3236N" from"*LASATER 6129" and "TATE 413."

One parent, two grand parents, and two great grand parents are known to be polled.

Several have been classified with one now a "TYPESETTER" and one a " PACESETTER". 

All his EPD's percentiles are around 50% . . 
He is, at this time, breeding our outstanding ​polled females from the following polled bulls: BBU Legacy Bull "** APACHE'S HEART", "CL GOLD",  "Dr.J";  "MMB JAY", "MRM BRIT", "BPB MEDICINE MAN",  "SOCOGEE 6/4", "POLLED LOGIC,"  "BULLET PROOF", and "LOGAN SUN".    Most of these polled cows are " TYPESETTER "  and ​U1/2.

The quality of his offspring looks outstanding with confirmation scores of ​U1&2's and underline scores of U1&2's and 95% are polled​ or polled/scured.​ At this time, thirty five of his offspring have been classified toward him becoming a "TYPESETTER" and we have several more to be classified.

Recent SHOW/SALE results prove it:

  Watch for one of his heifers on the show circuit this year.

  SFA Purple Premium Sale 11-10-2018 - his polled open heifer C1091746 took second place in class behind the Grand Champion Female.

  SFA Purple Premium Sale 11-11-2019 - his polled bred daughter  C1080641 was second highest selling lot in the bred cow class.   

Come by and look at him and the girls on the job.


                                               " S/S POLLED CLASS "      =

    ​                                                                             FOR SALE DUE TO HERD DOWNSIZING


"S/S POLLED CLASS" ( BBU Cert. # C1042860 )​ is one of our polled/scurred U1/2 herd sires.

We named SCHNEIDER & SONS 4780 , "​S/S POLLED CLASS" ​U1/2 because he was

the only polled bull in the 29TH.  BEEF ON FORAGE BEEFMASTER BULL SALE to meet

my POLLED program criteria for a SUPERIOR/SUPER ( S/S ) herd sire. 

He was the CLASS of the sale.  Others must have agreed with me. ​He was the high

selling red POLLED BULL in the sale.

Here is my criteria:

  • He must be POLLED and have some ​POLLED genetics at his parents,
  •      grand parents, and great grand parents level.
  • He must be a SOLID COLOR with little or no white..
  • He must be CLASSIFIED  U1/3 or better.
  • His Cert. must reflect that his breeder made breeding decisions 
  •      using NOTABLE bulls and cows in the breed to produce him.
  • He must have moderate ​EPD's that put him in the middle percentiles
  •      with no extremes.