He has the looks and the temperament that we all want.,

Come by and see him and the girls at work.


​They are proof that " POLLED IS BEAUTIFUL."


"POLLED LOGIC" ( BBU Cert. # C1054042 ) is one of our polled U1/2 herd sires.

His solid light dun color is ideal for our hot sunny Texas climate and his EPDs

look good.

He is the son of "LOGAN SUN," U1/2, a bull that goes back to "**LOGAN", "**PAINTED TIGER", "PENELOPE"' and "LADY VICTORIA." 

His dam is "WALKER FARMS B 1-11," a polled U1/1 cow that goes back to "ONYX"," BONANZA,"  and "NATURAL IMPACT".

His dam, two of his grandparents, and one of his great grandparents are known to be polled. So for, he is producing polled offspring at rate of 95% from my cows. 

He is proving to be a consistent quality producer.  At the Lone Star BBA Sale on 6-16-2018, one of his polled daughters won first place in the bred heifer class and judged Reserve Grand Champion overall.

He has several  U1 confirmation and  several ​"TYPESETTER" individuals on his CERTIFICATE of BREEDING.

All of his classified offspring look outstanding with U1 or  2 confirmation and U1 or 2 underline classification scores. 

At this time, he is breeding our outstanding polled females from polled bulls : "CL GOLD", "COUNTRY LANDMARK", "MRM BRIT", "MFK KING", "BPB MEDICINE MAN", "MMB PARRY", "S/S POLLED CLASS", and "BRYAN RANCH 84/5." Many of these cows are "​TYPESETTER".

​His offspring will standout in any  herd, Beefmaster or other breed. 

                                           " POLLED LOGIC "