At the present time (​5-20-2017), we have the females shown below for private treaty sale.  We like to have all sale cattle classified, but some are out of "TYPESETTER" mothers and can be sold early. After the Classifier comes again, we will have several more open developing heifers for sale; also,
check out our lots in the up coming sales, shown below.

Our bred polled "TYPESETTER" cow, in the 2015 HOT BEEFMASTER SALE,  was the high selling
bred cow in the sale.                   Special thanks to the buyer.


****************************** FOR PRIVATE TREATY SALE ******************************

0-------OPEN Polled HEIFERS-------------------------


0-------EXPOSED/BRED Polled HEIFERS---------------------


0-------BRED Young Polled COWS  --------------------
0-------PAIRS -Young Polled COWS ---------------------

NOTE:   ** denotes that she has a "TYPESETTER" mother.

Sorry, we only have several open developing  heifers ( shown below ) that will be for sale after being Classified. 

You can select from them at this time and put a deposit down to hold your choice and pay the balance at pickup.

If your choice does not classify U 1 or 2 confirmation, you will get a refund if desired.

 ************************************** DEVELOPING HEIFERS ​**************************************************************

4----OPEN Polled HEIFERS------------------------------------------------------

               1 - "BPB MEDICINE MAN U1/3" polled daughter:

                                   16/12      NP     (2-7-2016)                Red MUL                       Cert. # C1067781

               1 - " MMB PARRY U1/3 " polled daughters:

                                  16/16       NP      (3-14-2016)             Red MUL                       Cert. # C1068713

                2 - "S/S POLLED CLASS U1/2 polled daughters:

                                  16/26**   NP       (8-15-2016)            Red MF MUL                 Cert. # C1078075

                                  16/32**   NP       (8-27-2016)            Red                                 Cert. # C1078077

1---OPEN Dehorned HEIFER -----------------------------------------------------

               1 - "S/S POLLED CLASS dehorned daughter:

                                  16/30       NP       (8-24-2016)            Red MUL                         Cert. # C1078076



*************************** For Sale at LBBA ROSE CLASSIC GRADED 2018 SALE AT SHREVEPORTLA.  ******************************

                                                                          ( To be determined at a later date. )


****************************** For Sale AT ET/L BMG 2018 SALE at CROCKETT, Tx.   **********************************************

                                                                         ( To be determined at a later date. )

Use Cert. #s  for any animals of interest to do animal searches on the BBU web site ( ). 

Most are polled for multiple generations. Pictures can be emailed upon request and Cert's. faxed or e-mailed.

The numbers change  regularly; visit back regularly or contact us at
(254) 747-2199 or (254)-385-6715

 or e-mail at for the latest offerings.