Special Thanks to these recent buyers: 

IN ​2020

  1. G A & L Co. in Groesbeck, Tx. for selling one polled heifer on 2-27-2020.
  2.  B L M Inc. in Buffalo, Tx. for selling one polled cow on 2-29-2020.
  3. ​James Bailey Cattle Co. near Kosse, Tx. for buying polled bulls 19/5 & 19/11 on 3-14-2020.​
  4. Repeat buyer, Booker Ranch near Groesbeck, Tx. for buying polled bull 19/15 on 4-16-2020.
  5. Repeat buyer, Pritchett Farms near Ennis, Tx. for buying polled bull 19/13 on 5-1-2020.
  6. The Guintard's of Morse, La. for buying MISSY 2014, a polled show heifer, on 5-19-2020.
  7. Kyrstina Fowler of Mount Calm, Tx. for buying BUTTERSCOTCH  2010, a polled show heifer, on 6-1-2020.
  8. Brandon Lee Hamilton of Mount Calm, Tx. for buying NANCY 2004, a polled show heifer, on 6-7-2020.
  9. ET/L BMG 2020 SALE buyers in Huntsville, Tx. for buying four bred polled heifers on 7-11-2020.
  10. Repeat buyer, Lowry Ranch near Coollidge, Tx. for buying pooled bull 18/19 on 8-20-2020.
  11. J R N Ranch near Buffalo, Tx. for buying two exposed/breed polled heifers on 11-18-2020 and three open polled heifers on 9-5-2020.
  12. Parker Ranch near Mexia, Tx. for buying a polled pair on 10-22-2020 and an exposed polled heifer on 11-18-2020. 
  13. ​Beckendorf Ranch near Mexia, Tx. for buying a polled pair on 10-22-2020.
  14. DeAnn Beckendorf Ranch near Marlin, Tx. for buying an exposed polled heifer on 11-18-2020.
  15. Repeat buyer, ​Pullin Ranch near Mart, Tx. for buying two open heifers on 11-18-2020. 

IN ​2021

                                             Welcome to the ROCKING LAZY B RANCH, home of ​BUCKNER POLLED BEEFMASTERS.

We are located in Central TEXAS, 45 miles east of Waco, 1/2 way between I-35 & I- 45, in south Limestone Co., at 1829 FM 1246 W, which is west  of Thornton, Tx. between SH 14 and almost to FM 147. Give us a call and/or come by. We love to talk polled Beefmasters.

We have had our own herd since 1975. We started using a polled Beefmaster bull in 1976 in our commercial herd and loved the results. We became LIFETIME MEMBERS in 1985 and have worked to achieve MERIT BREEDER status. 

We are  100% registered, 100% Classified and 100% POLLED or POLLED/SCURRED. 
The BBU field staff has U CLASSIFIED our cattle over the years and at present, we are at 91% having U1 body confirmations scores and the rest are U2.  91% have underline scores of U1 or 2 and the rest are U3.  ​83% of the cows in service are now "TYPESETTER" with several more just one away. 

Our cattle have excellent pedigrees  that include many outstanding individuals which include the following: the BBU Legacy Bull **APACHE'S HEART, "AMERICAN STANDARD,  ATLAS, **BLAZE, **COUNTRY WESTERN, DR. J, **LOGAN, **MEDICINE MAN, **MR. USA, **MOUNTAIN MAN, MR. UNIVERSE, **NATURAL SELECTION, P.D.Q.II, **PAINTED TEXAN, ** PAINTED TIGER, **PARADIGM, ** PHANTOM, **PRIME TIME, **SANDMAN, **SIR KIFFER, **SPARTACUS, BULLETPROOF, and many more. NOTE: The double asterisk (**) means that he is a "TYPESETTER."

One of our herd sires is the polled bull SCHNEIDER & SONS 4780  ("S/S POLLED CLASS") the U1/2 red polled/scurred son of COLLIER FARMS 447/0 BULL and the "PACESETTER​" polled cow "S/S 918."  "S/S POLLED CLASS" brings the genetics of the "POLLED HORIZON 229/8," polled bull "HAMILTON 11/9,"  the "LASATER 6129" bull thru polled bull "VISTA MR 6129-3236 N," and polled bull "TATE 413" to our herd.  He was the high selling red POLLED BULL in the 29TH  BEEF ON FORAGE BEEFMASTER BULL SALE.  Check our HERD SIRE "S/S PC" page for details.

Our other herd sire is the polled bull J&L LIVESTOCK INC 403  ("POLLED LOGIC") the U1/2 Lt. dun polled/scurred son of "LOGAN SUN" U1/2 and the polled U1/1 cow, "WALKER FARMS B 1-11." "POLLED LOGIC" brings the genetics of "**LOGAN," "**PAINTED TIGER," "ONYX 415-1" thru polled bull "BONANZA 82/5," along with polled bull "NATURAL IMPACT 44/5 " to our herd. Check our HERD SIRE "PL" page for details. 

Since, we  collect data required  in both the  BBU "WHOLE HERD REPORTING" and WEIGHTS AND MEASURES" programs. We can supply you with EPD's on our cattle and we are DNA testing our herd to improve the accuracy of the EPD's.

I am a 2021 member of the BBU Seedstock Marketing / Executive Sales Committee and  past member of the BBU Breed Improvement, Finance & Audit,  Advertising & Public Relations, and Commercial Sales Committees. 

We now only have one herd and our cows are exposed to one or the other polled/scurred ​herd sires year round except for the 45 day breaks between sires. We have cattle for sale at all times, and  the selection changes regularly.

Some say that we are the go to place for 
"​ULTRA POLLED" cattle and that is our goal.. 

Home Page



You can contact us at (254) 747-2199

or 254-385-6715

or e-mail: bucknerpb@hotmail.com

Oran Julie

1. Rocking h Ranch near Normangee, Tx. for buying polled scurred      bull 19/3 on 1-23-2021.

2. Repeat buyer, Everett Ranch near Floydada, Tx. for                               buying polled scurred bulls 18/21 & 19/1 on 1-25-2012.

3. Punneo Ranch near Broken Bow, Ok. for buying polled scurred         bull 19/9 on 3-26-2021.

4. Hogan Land and Cattle Co.  near Bremond, Tx. for buying polled       scurred bull 19/17 on 3-27-2021. 

5. Repeat buyer, J R N Ranch near Buffalo, Tx for buying open              heifer 20/18 on 4-14-2021. 

6. Three buyers at the ET/L 2021 SALE to be named later for                   buying three open polled heifers on 4/17-2021.

7. X C Ranch near Santa Fe, Tx for buying polled heifer 20/16 on 4-      21-2021.

​8. G A & L Co. in Groesbeck, Tx. for selling polled bull on 4-29-2021.

9. G A & L Co. in Groesbeck, Tx. for selling polled bull on 5-13-2021.

10. Repeat buyer, M.J. Hanna Foundation near Gatesville, Tx. for           buying one polled bull on 6-11-2021.

11. Repeat buyer, Truett Ranch near Kosse, Tx. for buying polled           bull 20/15 on 9-30-2021.

12. Repeat buyer, Truett Ranch near Kosse, Tx. for buying polled           bull 19/23 on​ 10-14-2021.

​13. Repeat buyer, Nancy J. May Ranch near North Zulch, Tx. for             buying polled bull 20/5 on 10-18-2021. 


ET/L SALE in Crockett, Tx. 4-2022 

( Nothing selected at this time )


SPRINGTIME IN TEXAS SALE in Brenham, Tx. 4-2022 

​( Nothing selected at this time )

SFA PURPLE PREMIUM SALE in Crockett, Tx. 11-13-2021

​( Three open polled heifers at this time. )

( Go to COWS & HEIFERS for Sale page for Info.)

If you are moving into the direction of having a polled Beefmaster herd, check our Bulls for Sale  and Cows & Heifers for Sale  pages.  Any of these animals shown should get you the genetics that you need faster. These polled and polled/scurred animals are the products of  our breeding polled animals for multiple generations and using the BBU Classification and BBU Weights & Measures Programs for many years. 

We are members of the East Texas / Louisiana Beefmaster Marketing Group, the Lone Star BBU Satellite Group, and the Central Texas Beef BBU Satellite Group.


ET/LBMG 4-21-2012 SALE - high selling open heifer pick lot.

LSBS 5-24- 2014 SALE - high selling open heifer pick lot.

HOTBPS 11-14-2014 SALE - high selling open heifer pick lot.

HOTBPS 11-4-2015 SALE - high selling bull.

LSBBA 6-16-18 SALE - "POLLED LOGIC" bred polled heifer 16/34 C1080640 took first place in class and Overall Reserve Grand Champion Female.

SFA PURPLE PREMIUM 11-10-18 SALE - "S/S POLLED CLASS" open polled heifer 17/42 C1091746 took second place in class behind the Grand   Champion Female.

ET/LBMG  4-20-2019 SALE - an open polled "POLLED LOGIC" heifer from our pick lot was high selling non show open heifer.

SFA PURPLE PREMIUM 11-9-2019 SALE - a bred polled daughter of "S/S POLLED CLASS" was the second highest selling lot in the bred cow class.

​Look for our lots in these sales :