​​​​​​​​​​At this time (2-4-2023), we have the young bulls for private treaty sale shown below. 

 ​**************************** PRIVATE TREATY BULLS FOR SALE AT THIS TME *******************************

3 Polled or Polled Scurred Bulls at this time.

         ​1  " S/S POLLED CLASS" U12 sons:

                      21/19                (5-15-2021)        Scurs               U22          Red                       Cert. # C1147092                      

         2 " **POLLED LOGIC" U12 son:

                     21/3​** **           (1-26-2021)        Polled            U22         Red MUL             Cert. # C1141788

                     21/17** **         (4-28-2021)        Polled            U21         DUN                     Cert. # C1147114  


    ( All bulls are Fert. tested and ready to go to work for you at time of delivery or pick up.)

   Check out the DEVELOPING BULLS listed below.



   NOTE:  **    denotes that he has a "TYPESETTER"  mother.

               ** ** ​denotes that both patents are "TYPESETTER"

Several additional polled bulls, shown below, are in our 18 month development program at this time and are classified at 13 months.

If you want me to hold one one or more of these, deposits are being taken at this time to get them off the for sale list.

They are priced based on being pickup at or around 18 months of age. 

They should all classify U1 or U2 confirmation. If not, you get your deposit back if desired.

At 18 months, they move up to the private treaty list above if still for sale.

    NOTE: When the classifier comes to classify several listed below that meet the age requirements, their scores will replace

                  the NP's shown below. Let us know if you are interested in one or more.

     ****************************************** 18 MONTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM BULLS ********************************************************

  0 "BPB POLLED D MILLER 20/11"  U2/2 - polled or polled/scurs sons:​​



 8 "**POLLED LOGIC" U1/2 - polled or polled/scurs sons:​​​​

                 22/1** **          (1-16-2022)         Polled                NP                      Red                           Cert. # C1158552

                 22/3** **          (1-17-2022)         Polled                NP                      Red                           Cert. # C1158559

                 22/7** **          (2-8-2022)           Polled                NP                      Dun                           Cert. # C1160929

                 22/9** **          (2-11-2022)         Polled                NP                      Dun                           Cert. # C1160930

                 22/13** **        (3-1-2022)           Polled                NP                      Lt. Red                      Cert. # C1160931

                 22/15** **        (3-16-2022)         Polled                NP                      Red Dun                   Cert. # C1160932

                 22/17** **        (4-11-2022)         Polled                NP                       Dun                          Cert. # C1163322

                 22/19   **         (5-30-2022)         Scurs                 NP                      Lt. Dun                     Cert. # C1163324     


Individual pictures, and Pedigrees can be sent upon request for any bull for sale.

All are what some called double polled which means both parents are polled or polled scurred,

All have lots of polled individuals on their Certs. Some display the scur gene which means that they carry a polled gene, a horn gene and a third scur gene. Scurs are little loose scabs or nubs that are not attached to the skull. I do not remove them. I want you to see what they have and not just see a scar which could have been from horn removal which would mean that he had only horn genes, no polled genes, and was dehorned. 

You can go to the BBU web site ( ) and do an animal search using the Cert. # to get more information or email me.

The bull selection changes regularly, so visit back regularly or contact us at (254)-747-2199 
​ or

                               *************************BULLS FOR TRADE or SELL by PREVIOUS BUYERS ****************************************

                                                                                  ( None at this time. )