​​​​​At this time ​(10-26-2020), we have the young bulls for private treaty sale shown below.  Our polled bulls were the high selling bulls at the 2014 &  2015 HEART OF TEXAS  BEEFMASTER SALES. We now only sell bulls at PRIVATE TREATY as shown below.

                    ​**************************** PRIVATE TREATY BULLS *******************************

Ask about one of our herd sires. One of our herd sires most go. We are going to one herd

and do not want to swap bulls in and out. Both are within 10 of becoming "TYPESETTER" status.


Polled or Polled Scurred Bulls at this time.

         ​2 "S/S POLLED CLASS" U1/2 sons:

                  19/9**      (2-2-2019)           Polled/LS           U2/3              Red MUL           Cert. # C1115206

                  19/3**      (3-11-2019)         Polled/LS           U2/3              Red MUL           Cert. # C1115207


         2 " POLLED LOGIC" U1/2 sons:

                  18/21        (4-16-2018)         Polled/LS           U1/3             Dun                    Cert. # C1102644

                  19/1**       (1-4-2019)           Polled/LS           U1/2             Red                    Cert. # C1113286            



 Check out the DEVELOPING BULLS listed below.






NOTE:  ** denotes that he has a "TYPESETTER"  mother.   
Several additional polled bulls, shown below, are in our 18 month development program at this time and are classified at 13 months. Deposits are being taken at this time. They are priced based on being pickup at 18 months. They should all classify U1 or U2 confirmation. If not, you get your deposit back if desired.

    NOTE: The classifier is coming to classify several listed below that meet the age requirements and their scores will replace

                  the NP's shown below; so, check back if interested in one or more.

                             ******************************************DEVELOPING BULLS********************************************************

  3 "S/S POLLED CLASS"  U1/2 - polled or polled/scurs sons:

                  20/1**         (2-19-2020)        Polled/LS           NP                 Red                                Cert. # C1129250

                  20/3**         (2-20-2020)        Polled                 NP                 Red MUL                       Cert. # C1129251

                  20/5**         (2-21-2020)        Polled                 NP                 Red MUL                        Cert. # C1129252


 ​3 "POLLED LOGIC" U1/2 - polled or polled/scurs sons:​​

                 19/17**        (6-23-2019)         Polled/LS           U2/3               Red MUL                        Cert. # C1120138

                 19/19           (7-4-2019)           Polled/LS           U2/2               Red                                 Cert. # C1120139

                 19/23**        (12-12-2019)       Polled/LS           NP                  Dun                                 Cert. # C1126386                      

Individual pictures, and Pedigrees can be sent upon request of all sale bulls.

All are double polled and have several polled individuals on their Certs.

Some display the scur gene.
You can go to the BBU web site ( www.beefmasters.org ) and do an animal search using the Cert. #.

The bull selection changes regularly, so visit back regularly or contact us at (254)-747-2199 

or (254) 385-6715​ or  bucknerpb@hotmail.com

                               *************************BULLS FOR TRADE or SELL by PREVIOUS BUYERS ****************************************


                     Young Black MUL Bull ( Pure Bred, no Cert. but can get)  owned by Booker Ranch near Thornton, Tx.   832-236-5889