At the present time ​(1-23-2023), we have the females shown below for private treaty sale. We like to have all cattle of age "CLASSIFIED." Most of our cows are "TYPESETTERS." 

Be sure to​ Check out our lots in the up coming sales, shown below.

*************** PRIVATE TREATY FEMALES FOR SALE AT THIS TIME ****************************

0-------EXPOSED/BRED Polled HEIFERS ---- A I To "WPR'S POLLED PERFORMER" Cert. # C1086389

              - " **POLLED LOGIC" U12 - polled daughters: 



0------- OPEN  Polled HEIFERS ------------------------------- 

               0 - "**POLLED LOGIC" U12 - polled daughters:



0-------- EXPOSED/BRED Polled/Scurs COWS --------------------------------

                0 - EXPOSED/BRED to "**POLLED LOGIC" U12:



NOTE:   **       denotes that she has a "TYPESETTER" mother

              ** ** denotes that both parents are "TYPSETTERS"


 We have open developing  heifers ( listed below ) that will be for sale after a weaning period.

NOTE: The classifier will be coming to classify all that meet the age requirement. Their scores will replace the NP"s now shown.

            You can select from them at this time and put a deposit down to hold your choice and pay the balance at pickup.

 ************************* DEVELOPING HEIFERS ​TO BE SOLD ******************** ******************************************


 0 --- EXPOSED/BRED Polled HEIFERS--------------------------------------------------------

               0- EXPOSED to "**POLLED LOGIC" U12:


2----OPEN Polled HEIFERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------

               2 - "**POLLED LOGIC" U12 - polled daughters:

                            22/2** **      NP       (1-21-2022)          Polled        Lt. Red              Cert. # C1158547

                            22/6** **​      NP       (1-23-2022)          Polled        Lt. Red              Cert. # C1159761





************************  SFA PREMIUM PURPLE SALE in NACOGDOCHES, Tx 11-2023 ******************************************

                                                                         (NONE SELECTED AT THIS TIME)


************************* For Sale at ET/L BMG 2023 SALE at CROCKETT, Tx. 4-2023 **********************************************

                                                                        22/2 & 22/6 shown above will go.


********************* For Sale at SPRINGTIME in TEXAS SALE in BRENHAM, Tx. 4-2023 ********************************************

                                                                          Nothing selected at this time. 

NOTE: ALL cattle for sale are "CLASSIFIED" as shown.


Use Cert. #s  for any animals of interest to do animal searches on the BBU web site ( ).


All are doubled polled which means that both parents are polled or polled scurred and have multiple polled individuals on their Certs.

Some display the scur gene. Scurs are not removed.

I want you to see what they have and not just scars.


Pictures can be emailed upon request and Cert's. faxed or e-mailed.

The female selection changes  regularly; visit back regularly or contact us at
(254) 747-2199.

 or e-mail at for the latest offerings.